Have you ever felt there has GOT to be more to Microsoft Excel than just tables and some quick calculations?  Ever find yourself repeating the exact same sequence in Excel and ask to yourself, “Is there a better, faster way?”  Well, you are in luck because there IS more to Excel and best of all, it will repeat all those steps while you grab a cup of coffee! …or help customers, yeah that’s it!

Tyler Powell, a Microsoft Certified Excel Expert with over 20 years of spreadsheet experience will help you create customized spreadsheet applications to help you save time and money!  He can also provide training for your team at your location using YOUR data.  Does it get any better than that?!?

Key Benefits

  • Maximize use of tools you already have
  • Save significant labor cost by improving staff productivity
  • Increase time with customers (or family, friends, alone time, hiking the hills, riding your bike…whatever you like!)
  • Add “hours” to your day by leveraging the power of Excel

Maximizing the power of Excel (a program you already purchased) is literally money in the bank for you!  The savings are real and can be significant.  For example, one custom application reduced an 8 hour task to FIVE minutes!!  This equated to nearly $10,000 a year in net labor savings!  Is that significant to your business?  Would you like to “find” savings like that?

Give us a call today to review your operation and potentially uncover significant savings like this. [4O6.600.9313] (contact us)