Biz Works LLC. can help you setup or improve your franchise operations to maximize profitability and growth. With extensive experience in franchise startups, we can help your franchisees get their doors open faster and begin on more solid ground, greatly improving their chances of survival during that critical first year of operations. We can also bring clarity as to why results vary within your franchise system via our Franchise Audits.

Call us for:

  • Franchise Startup Improvement (read more below)
    • create, improve or revamp the entire startup process to improve profitability and survivability…we’ve helped increase average first year store sales by as much as 25%!
  • Franchise Audits (read more below)
    • an “x-ray” of key areas to help identify and prioritize the improvement process
  • Interim or Temporary Operations Leadership
    • get temporary leadership to either assist in transitioning your franchise operations to the next level or fill in while you are searching for a full-time person
    • perfect for creating and launching a new franchisee startup process before hiring and training new startup staff


Franchise Startup

Establishing a solid foundation is vital to any project. Under a franchise type model the franchisees expect help during the startup process, and generally lots of it! If you are seeing your franchisees struggle to get the doors open or limp through the first year of operations, we can help. We have extensive experience in the startup process and in helping franchisees get their feet on solid ground during their first year of operations. Here are some of the benefits you can realize from our startup process package…

  • Increase First Year Store Sales
  • Improve Franchisee Survival Rate
  • Happier Franchisees
  • Consistent, Repeatable Store Openings

Our track record of success speaks for itself (see Testimonials). We can create, evaluate or revamp the startup systems you need to increase first year sales and improve franchisee survival rates during that critical first year of operations. Every franchisee, market and location present unique challenges. How well are your systems and staff handling those challenges? Call us today and we will come along side you and your team to make the Startup process a winner! [4O6/600.9313] (contact us for more info)


Franchise Audits

Happy franchisees make the best franchise sales people…and they are happiest when they are making money too. However, if systems and processes are not being followed the results may vary. In everything from your startups to daily operations we can help you…

  • Protect Your Brand,
  • Increase Revenues Throughout Your Franchise System and
  • Reclaim the Predictable, Repeatable Results your customers desire.

Leveraging our extensive business, franchising and systems engineering experience we help franchisors and franchisees see and understand their systems with extreme clarity to achieve consistent, predictable and repeatable results. Call us today for more information on creating a new win-win within your franchise. [4O6/600.9313] (contact us for more info)