In an environment of globally connected people, the demand for working remotely (away from the “office”) or collaborating with team members, customers or clients that are geographically separated is growing. This environment requires new approaches to management and new tools in order to maximize productivity and communication.

Benefits of Remote and Online Collaboration:

  1. Flexibility
    • Teams can connect whenever they are able without regard for “office hours” or time zones
    • Reduce dependence on email as the sole or primary method of communication
    • Continue working and collaborating in real time while traveling
  2. Efficiency & Productivity
    • Reduce time searching through email threads for data and information
    • Keep all your communications, interactions and files in one place that is accessible to all stakeholders simultaneously
    • Get all team members on the same page in real time
    • Easy version control and change tracking
    • No spreading colds, flu or any other contagious illness thereby reducing the number of sick days across your entire company
  3. Improved Customer Service
    • Connect with Customers and Clients on their schedule
    • Improve customer relationships with more frequent interactions
    • Available when the competition is not
  4. Cost Reduction
    • Fewer people in a common office mean less space required saving operational expenses every month!
    • Fewer conference rooms, desks, chairs and other personal work space items needed
    • Fewer sick days

This is just a partial list of the numerous benefits to working remotely or online. With these, and many more benefits, there are some risks and potential obstacles to navigate. This is where Biz Works can help!

Here’s how Biz Works can help…

  • Identify and Prioritize the unique needs for remote or online collaboration at your organization, whether company wide or with select teams
  • Recommend Tools to meet your unique needs and improve Collaboration and Productivity through:
    • Online (web) Meetings
    • File Sharing
    • Project Tracking
  • Management Coaching throughout the culture change process

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